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Kota Kinabalu

Hello I'm in Davao for the Alveo Ironman 70.3

Luigi picked me up from the Seda hotel and we had some local food before having coffee at Arcadia. Spending time with someone whom you used to date, you then remember all the things which attracted you to that person, 'coz typically they still have it, but then you also remember the things which made you realize that you weren't suited to each other. That happened. We parted after a few hours. L is still such a gentleman.

Two take-aways from my convo with L

- solo vacations, of even just a few days, are the ultimate affordable luxury
- it might be time to start writing out some version of an autobiography, or at the very least my dating history. (I know right, what??)

I'm considering a long foregone Kota Kinabalu trip later in the year.

Decided not to pick a fight

Not sure where this is going to end though.

Has it ever happened, in the history of picking a fight, that things actually ended for the better?

There's a right time to get into battles.

This isn't over.



It has been described as a good habit to have. To journal. I would agree with this statement, provided that journaling actually helps you process. You see, journaling is another way to re-live what you've experienced -- the good, but most especially the ugly. Why the ugly? Because the good things you are already re-living. By practice and habit, one's mind (at least mine) is not too shabby at capturing that felt good. And reliving it.

Now as for the painful things -- do our minds want to retain it? Well, for the most part, our minds want to FORGET ABOUT IT. And that's why, we probably develop for ourselves really good ways to avoid the pain, and it's reliving. Why would I want to journal about it? Perhaps, it would be good to reliving and process something, if they were stopping you from sleeping or you were actually already thinking about it, and thus it had continued to hurt you. Thus, journaling as the way to process what could not be processed, yet.

Why journal? I also have this feeling, that, there is so much more in my life than is possible to handle / process / identify, to even begin drawing wisdom from. Perhaps wisdom helps the cleaning, the exfoliating, the proper accretion of what it is that has taken place, the lessons learned, and what we wish to remember and take away -- even the painful parts.

So perhaps, we are told, and it makes sense, to journal.

Why we journal.

And if you're someone like Ginsberg, one's neurotic thoughts can be captured for future posterity in one's journal.

This information is not allowed to be used against me ok.

May he rest in peace

Our work colleague John Wharton passed away on Tuesday morning. The last time I saw him was Monday evening, just before I went home. I was able to chat with him for a few minutes at the elevator banks. It would be the last time I would ever talk to him.

Later I found out that the Monday was his first day back at work after being gone for a while because of recovery from another sickness. That day he spoke to nearly everyone it seems.

Last night was his wake at La Funeraria Paz. I saw most of our team there, and I saw how quite a number of them were sad. I wasn't close to John, but a number of our team were. I was reminded that John was part of my presentation group 2 years ago, when we had to prepare a number for our Xmas party. Ours was arguably the best group. John sang a few measures of "Only You". May he rest in peace.

Attempted Reflection

I found myself doing my utmost to complete my work first, and only then attend to a few other things. I believe that at 330PM, this I had already reasonably achieved. What I am finding most helpful, is when I have pieces of work that I had already completed in the past and labeled well, and thus can now use for a future task. It's quite gratifying to have this kind of system when it works.

I found myself getting a little short w/ D. But I guess it's coz he's the expert in pushing my buttons. C has a bad cold / cough that's been going on a few weeks now. I do hope she gets better soon. We had lunch in Podium, at a place called Bad Bird. . .it wasn't bad. C tried out the coffee in Stockwell, and well, it was okay. ;)

Tomorrow I will travel to Batangas for a seminar of sorts.

I enjoyed the swim tonight 'coz it was a bit intense -- owing to the relatively relaxed weekend. Chatted some w/ Coach N -- we're going to take a look at some financial instruments (un-related to triathlon) over the next few weeks.

My instinct sometimes is to go out and buy food, forgetful of the fact that there is probably more than enough at home. Sure enough I had forgotten about my absolutely tasty empanadas. So I had those. . .and one of Kel's KK donuts.

Tomorrow is my bday dinner w/ A, and a few other friends. i hope it goes well.

Edamame Pasta

I was disappointed at how my experiment for dinner turned out. Edamame basta with a stir fry vegetable on top. In effect, I was having some variation of a pancit. It did not taste good. . .enough.

are we running out of time

My thoughts today are about Climate Change -- how the alarm bells are ringing, and yet very little is being done by governments, it seems. I think that every politician's political platform has to give a comment about this. Nothing is palatable.

Tokyo Training

Playing in background: classical music with flute, very documentary, set in Japan or otherwise

Flew into Haneda via PAL. I really liked the aircraft -- our national airline deserves their 3-to-4 star upgrade from Skytrax.

TG -- in the personages of Tanaka and Hiro -- met with us upon arrival. We rode a shuttle to the training center. We are 6 representatives: myself, and Hyatt for First Gen; Ivan and Peter Paul ("Pipo") from the Senate; and two representatives of the DOE - Pauline and Cha.

After helping us check us into TKC (our training center), TG brought us to an old restaurant (130+ years) in the Asakusa area called Sukiyaki Yunekyu that served sukiyaki. We would have gone around more during the day, but what with the impending Typhoon Tamri it was rightly decided not to head out anymore.

After a brief stop at Family Mart, we headed back to the training center to retire for the night. Where I promptly watched a few more episodes of Forever (and began to notice what a gorgeous house the protagonists live in).

I'm also in the middle of a Whatsapp argument with Ammer

New things today

Every day is a chance to learn something new.

Today I did a few new things:

- a stylist brought some clothes over, and he helped me buy clothes
- I watched Ammer swim, and helped him swim better ( I also recommended that he get swim lessons, but I believe he is less keen on that)
- i watched 4 episodes of Forever
- I went shopping and packed for Japan
- Spent more time w/ Ammer after his haircut

And now it's time to turn in, and rest before my flight to Tokyo.

No longer single

In a way, it became official today. Because we both agreed. Does anything change? Did we tie the knot too soon? I think it's just an agreement that we're going to give this a try. It's a bit scary, but it's also a good thing.

I am so not used to this.